How Is An Endodontist Different From A General Dentist?

How Is An Endodontist Different From A General Dentist_

The fact is that while all endodontists are dentists, less than 3% of dentists are endodontists. This is because endodontists are dentists who gain specialized training in endodontic treatment. Just like doctors in other fields, endodontists are specialists since they have undergone extra 2 or more years of training after dental school. The extra training…

Facts about Endodontics Treatment You Should Know

endodontist doctors Ernakulam

Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry that involves examination, diagnosis, and treatment of infected or inflamed pulp or tissues within the tooth. ‘Endo’ is Greek for Inside, and Odont means tooth. Endodontics in Ernakulam treats the soft pulp tissues within the tooth. An endodontist is a professional who specializes in such treatment. They help in preserving part…



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