The age tested method that has saved countless painful teeth from extraction by relieving pain and letting the patient chew on and smile with his own tooth. When you come for a Root Canal treatment to our clinic, we ensure that utmost importance is given to you by ensuring comfort and safety. We use Rubber Dams to ensure your and family’s safety.

“Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment” is routinely done!
After Root Canal Treatment an array of choices for restoring the tooth are available, pertaining to the principles of Minimal Invasive Dentistry.

  • Ceramic overlays
  • Onlays
  • Composite restorations ( Direct/ Semi direct / indirect)
  • Crowns ( Metal free / metal ceramic/ Full metal)

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the treatment method undertaken to save painful teeth, may be due to decay or trauma or as a sequel to other dental problems. The experienced dental team at Dr. Meera’s Smiles Dental Care provides Root Canal treatment and relieve pain with at most comfort under painless anaesthesia and while using a Rubber Dam which enhances patient comfort, fast and effective treatment and prevents undue mishaps as well as cross infection. All latest equipments and reagents required for the procedure is made available and from our experienced Doctors Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment Procedures is a Routine at Dr. Meera’s Smiles Dental Care.

Endodontics FAQ

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