The age tested method that has saved countless painful teeth from extraction by relieving pain and letting the patient chew on and smile with his own tooth. When you come for a Root Canal treatment to our clinic, we ensure that utmost importance is given to you by ensuring comfort and safety. We use Rubber Dams to ensure your and family’s safety.

“Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment” is routinely done!
After Root Canal Treatment an array of choices for restoring the tooth are available, pertaining to the principles of Minimal Invasive Dentistry.

  • Ceramic overlays
  • Onlays
  • Composite restorations ( Direct/ Semi direct / indirect)
  • Crowns ( Metal free / metal ceramic/ Full metal)


What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the treatment method undertaken to save painful teeth, may be due to decay or trauma or as a sequel to other dental problems. The experienced dental team at Dr. Meera’s Smiles Dental Care provides Root Canal treatment and relieve pain with at most comfort under painless anaesthesia and while using a Rubber Dam which enhances patient comfort, fast and effective treatment and prevents undue mishaps as well as cross infection. All latest equipments and reagents required for the procedure is made available and from our experienced Doctors Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment Procedures is a Routine at Dr. Meera’s Smiles Dental Care.


Who Is the Right Candidate for Root Canal Procedure?

A lot of people fear root canal treatment. However, only your dentist can tell if you are the right candidate for root canal treatment in Vyttila after a thorough examination. You will be the right candidate for a root canal if you experience the following conditions:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
    If you feel mild pain while having hot or cold food, water, drinks, and beverage, it is known as sensitivity. The pain can increase over time. The pain can be a result of depletion of enamel or dental nerve damage. A root canal will seal the ends of the nerves so that you don’t feel pain. 
  • Toothache on contact
    Toothache can happen for many reasons, but when it persists for a long time, it needs medical attention. If your pain gets severe while eating, biting, or applying pressure on the teeth, you need to see a root canal doctors, Vyttila.
  • Fractured tooth
    Your teeth can get fractured due to injury, trauma, or eating something very hard. When the teeth get chipped, broken, or cracked, the nerves and blood vessels get exposed. So when you eat or drink something, it feels painful. The same can happen when you lose veneers, fillings, bonding, or crowns. 
  • Tooth infection
    The tooth can get infected due to several reasons, such as decay and cavity. When the tooth nerves get infected, the infection spreads to other parts but first to your teeth. If the decay has set deep within, you need root canal treatment. 

Other reasons to get a root canal

  • Swelling and gum tenderness
  • Inflamed dental nerves
  • Gum boil on the tip of the root

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The cost of the root canal depends on how complex the underlying issue is and which tooth is affected. One can connect with our endodontics in Ernakulam for consultation and charges of the procedure. 

Precautions to Take After Root Canal Treatment

  • When you get the root canal treatment done, you must place a crown on that tooth. Without a crown, the tooth is still not protected completely.
  • Foods that are hard in texture or crunchy should be avoided for a few days.
  • You must maintain a good oral hygiene routine with brushing and flossing at least twice a day.
  • The tooth remains tender after the procedure, so chewing, munching, sipping, etc should not be done from the side where treatment is done.
  • For any pain experienced after the procedure, you must only take the pills prescribed by the dentist.

For more information on root canal procedure and how it can benefit you, connect with our best endodontist doctor in Vyttila. 

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