A beautiful smile is desired by all of us. But most of us face some tooth problems that mar the aesthetics of our smiles. Some of the factors that can impact your teeth include discoloration, staining, tooth loss, gaps, problems with shapes, misalignment, or tooth decay.

Besides cosmetic issues, dental problems can also impact your oral health. Hence, you must visit the dentist if you experience any tooth-related issues. Consult a professional who offers cosmetic dentistry in VyttilaShe will first examine your teeth and determine a tailor-made treatment plan.

Following are some common treatments offered by cosmetic dentists:

Tooth whitening

In case you have discoloured teeth, it can lower your self-confidence, affecting your social life and performance at the workplace. To restore the naturally bright and white colour of your teeth, the cosmetic dentist will suggest teeth bleaching or whitening. In case of severe to medium discoloration, the dentist will recommend in-office treatment rather than DIY hacks.

Techniques of tooth whitening can get rid of superficial stains and those deeply impacting your enamel. In-office treatments offer dramatic results in 2 or 3 whitening appointments. For minor staining, one can do DIY, home-based treatments like whitening toothpaste, gels, or strips.

Dental crowns

It is a nuisance to have severely stained, broken, or highly decayed teeth. But worry no more! The cosmetic dentistry option of dental crowns can restore your teeth functionalities and smile aesthetics enabling you to smile more and eat anything without problems.

Dental crowns refer to tooth caps that imitate the colour and shape of your natural teeth. Dental restorations help in improving your smile by covering any damaged teeth, enhancing their functionality and appearance, and stopping further damage.

Dental implants

When you experience teeth falling away, there will emerge gaps that impact both your jaw as well as your smile. Missing teeth impact your bite, smile, face and even cause bone loss. In such a scenario, one must consider the best cosmetic dentist in Vyttila to solve the problems.

A dental implant is a bio-compatible screw made of Titanium. It will fuse with your jaw without side effects and offer firm support for the tooth cap. The dentist will select a tooth cap that matches your natural teeth, helps in accomplishing cosmetic goals, and offers strength.    


They refer to thin porcelain sheets which the dentist will place on the front parts of your teeth. In case you have gapped, chipped to stained teeth, your dentist might suggest putting on veneers. The front of the teeth will be covered by porcelain veneers. The veneers cover the damaged areas of the teeth and match the natural teeth, filling the gaps to enhance your smile.

Enamel bonding

This is ideal for treating persons with yellowish layers and dark stains on teeth. The bonding material is just the same as that which is used in the dental filling. Enamel bonding aids in protecting the enamel layer in the teeth surface and prevents their decay.

Tooth reshaping

This includes the technique of drilling the tool for rendering it with a proper shape. In this, edges and corners are made smoother, which can improve the beauty and functionality of teeth. Tooth shaping is the right option as regards cracked teeth, misaligned teeth, and chipped teeth. This is an easy as well as affordable procedure.

In sum, these are the major procedures performed by cosmetic dentists. They help you gain a more beautiful smile and boost your self-confidence.



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