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Dr. Meera’s Smiles Dental Clinic, is a continuing dental practice in Ernakulam & Kochi . Established in 2006 our dental clinic has been providing quality dental care to patients in Ernakulam & Kochi for over a decade. This legacy of treatment comes with responsibility. A responsibility to treat people with respect.

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Dr Meera’s Smiles Dental Clinic was started in the year 2006 by Dr Meera and Dr Prashant after completing their MDS in Endodontics & Orthodontics respectively. 

They had a clear vision for providing the best dental solutions for the clients, in a sterile environment with emphasis on quality and also affordability. 

Dr Meera’s Smiles dental clinic considers the patients needs as the first priority and believes in speciality practice, wherein all different dental treatment procedures are done by the corresponding dental specialists.

The Treatments we Provide

We provide a host of dental treatments for our patients in Ernakulam & Kochi. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about any special treatment that you are seeking


Dr. Meera's Smiles Dental Care

Dear Dr.Meera ,
We BACKEYS, support business owners and individuals to make their life easy by helping them to carry out their ideas and goals in terms of calling services , data entry and task management. The tailor-made treatment plan for my 13 year old daughter where the decay was extending way under the gums and was a definite extraction case. Dr.Meera handled it beautifully without making us panic. Moreover I left my girls in the clinic , and the clinic took care of them and updated me as well. We highly recommend for the wonderful service done by Dr. Meera Prasanth and this got her a lot of applause in the dental crowd.

Cincy Babu Varghese – Backeys

Dr. Meera's Smiles Dental Care

FIRSTLY, DR. Meera..Thank you very much for giving back my better half’s beautiful smile, covering all the risks … That we know it was a tough job for Dr. Meera to handle a patient like Safeena, My wife who undergoing treatment, already taking some steroids and antibiotics. That her physical condition was challenging and any miscalculation in dealing with her teeth may be fatal to her normal life. At this stage I thrusted my confidence over Smiles Dental care …especially Dr Meera and Dr.Prashant, and had taken that challenge with a simple smile on their face …and completed the process in just 3 sittings … There were days when wife was weeping over her ailing teeth and dared to go for a treatment due to her challenging conditions. Now those beautiful days are back and now I can again see the smiling face of my wife in the morning itself….as she got another good friend Dr. Meera… Thank you Smiles Dental Care ….thank you for the Smiles

ADV.Anwar Legal Consultant Bonafide Intellectual Property Solutions

Dr. Meera's Smiles Dental Care

Just have to say that Dr Meera is very caring dentist who excels in reassuring her patients and gives excellent service, explains what they are doing every step of the way. Their appointment system is brilliant, always very accommodating with times. We highly recommend Dr Meera and Smiles Dental care to everyone.

Praveen P V, Venus Realtors

Dr. Meera's Smiles Dental Care

I had consulted Dr.Prasanth for rectifying my teeth alignment.The total process including tooth extraction was painless. Doctor explained the whole process and the aftercare in much detail. Today i can smile confidently.Thanks to Dr. Prasanth n Meeras smile dental clinic.

Sonia Stine

Dr. Meera's Smiles Dental Care

When it came to the treatment of my 3 year old boy who had several decayed teeth which were painful, I was doubtful as to how much he would cooperate to extensive dental treatment procedures. But at Smiles Dental Care I was welcomed by their Pediatric Wing, giving me a patient hearing and treating my boy with utmost compassion, patience and perfection! I am impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail and shall avail as well as recommend their services for years to come!!

Indrajith Radhakrishnan – Go4Investments

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