Oral hygiene is often ignored by us. People often tend to ignore the fact that oral hygiene is very important, and minor negligence can lead to huge consequences. Following a basic oral hygiene routine, i.e., brushing teeth twice a day, using mouth freshener, flossing, visiting the dentist for check-ups, etc., can help in reducing oral problems. In case of a minor oral problem, it is always recommended to rush to an orthodontist so that the problem can be solved in the initial days only. So you can easily find orthodontics in Ernakulam or other places online.

Regular check-ups with orthodontists help us to maintain our oral hygiene. Not only adults but children should also visit dentists for regular check-ups. We often listen to people saying that they are afraid of visiting orthodontists, but little do they know that not visiting them can lead to irreversible problems. And also, there is nothing to worry about as they will check your teeth and let you know about the issue, if any. So if you are also thinking of visiting an orthodontist, make sure to search for them online and try to go through the reviews. Once you are sure about them, book an appointment and visit. If it is your first visit, the following are the things you can expect:

  • Consultation regarding dental history- The orthodontists will know about your medical history in the first meet. They will ask you certain questions like how you take care of your teeth, or what issue you are facing, etc. They will also ask how long you are facing the issues, if any.
  • Oral examination- Once the orthodontist is done asking the questions, he/she will examine all your oral problems. The oral examination will help in knowing the problems like tooth decay, cavities, etc. Some of the problems need urgent attention, so this can be brought to the attention of the orthodontists with an oral examination.
  • Initial treatment- Once the oral treatment is done, the orthodontists will start the treatment required. Before starting, the orthodontists will guide you about the treatment and will also explain everything in depth. They will also tell you what treatment will go and what will suit your budget as well.
  • Question them- Always question your doctor in case you are in a dilemma. Clear all your doubts and ask everything about the procedure or treatment. Orthodontists will explain everything to you with the help of videos and images in case you find difficulty in understanding the treatment.
  • Schedule your appointment- Once you are done with the consultation, you can schedule your next appointment to start with the treatment.

So now it is pretty clear that there is nothing to worry about visiting an orthodontist. If you are looking for the best orthodontist in Ernakulam or another nearby place, you can contact ‘Smile Dental’. They have the best orthodontists, and also you can call them for a free consultation. So call them and book an appointment for yourself.



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