Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry that involves examination, diagnosis, and treatment of infected or inflamed pulp or tissues within the tooth. ‘Endo’ is Greek for Inside, and Odont means tooth. Endodontics in Ernakulam treats the soft pulp tissues within the tooth.

An endodontist is a professional who specializes in such treatment. They help in preserving part or complete portions of the teeth if the teeth are healthy. More commonly, they will remove the pulp if it is inflamed or infected. This happens mostly when the inflammation and infection are irreversible.

Objectives of treatment

The main objectives of endodontics treatment are:

  • Disinfection of inflamed and infected root canal
  • Removal of pathological pulp
  • Cleaning of the root canal system
  • Filling the root canal to prevent re-infection and promote healing
  • Re-shaping of the root canal system

Which conditions need treatment?

  • A person who has experienced dental trauma
  • When tooth decay reaches the inner chambers of the teeth
  • When dentists wish to disinfect the area and save the natural tooth
  • A person has inflamed or infected tooth pulp
  • A person has chipped or fractured tooth, old fillings, and abscesses

Procedures handled

  • Root canal treatment and surgeries
  • Placing of dental implants
  • Treating traumatic dental injuries
  • Saving of natural teeth
  • Exploring treatment options for the optimal dental health of patients as well as their comfort.

When to consult an endodontist?

Most persons fear visits to endodontist doctors Ernakulam even when they suffer from tooth pain. But it is always advisable to consult a dental professional for the slightest issues of your teeth so that you can preserve your natural teeth and alleviate the toothache.

  • Patients who suffer from injuries of teeth in traumatic sports or accidents must immediately visit the endodontist. Chipped and fractured teeth are vulnerable to bacteria and plaque, which can promote tooth decay and lead to much tooth pain.
  • When a person finds that their teeth experience sensitivity when exposed to acidic, hot, or cold drinks and food items, it is time to visit an endodontist. There is a high chance that the enamel of the teeth has worn away, exposing the nerve endings in the teeth. This can lead to pain or sensitivity.
  • An endodontist must be consulted when you notice any swelling around the face, teeth, or gums. Swelling indicates some sort of infection. A specialist can clean and disinfect the area and offer treatment that prevents re-infection.
  • Toothaches are the number one reason to consult an endodontist. The latter helps to preserve the natural teeth, remove the infected pulp, disinfect the tooth and restore the natural looks and function of the teeth.

Benefits of treatment

  • Pain-free and simple

Most root canal treatments are not complicated or painful. Compared to tooth extraction, it is much simpler and more painless, thanks to modern technology and the options of anaesthesia.

  • Cost-effective

Endodontic treatments are cheaper than extractions and will usually be covered by dental insurance.

  • Accomplish best results

Dentists deliver root canal treatment with most modern technology in a pain-free manner, saving the tooth for a lifetime.

  • Chew and eat as normal

Root canal treatment restores your ability to chew and eat. In contrast, tooth extractions put limits on such tooth functions.

  • Keep away bacteria

Extracted teeth and the use of dentures are sitting ducks for bacterial infection in the mouth. Root canal treatments get rid of such bacteria by removal of infected pulp and disinfection of the area. It prevents the spread of bacterial infection to other teeth.

In sum, these are the top facts about endodontics.



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