We all are aware of how a toothache can take over our life. It is always recommended to run to the dentist in case you feel anything bad with your teeth. Oral health is often ignored by us, which leads us to some irreversible consequences. So here, it is always advised to get the right treatment in case you have any problem with your teeth. One of the most common treatments is a root canal. For this, you have to contact an endodontist. They are highly trained dental specialists. Their focus is caring for the complex tooth problems that affect the tooth pulp. You can easily find endodontist doctors in vyttila or other places online.=

The main aim of endodontics is to save your natural tooth by doing root canal treatment. The infected pulp is taken out, and the tooth is filled and sealed. This does not require removing the tooth, which leads to more complications. For a root canal, it is always advised to call out for endodontists as they have more specialization in root canal treatment if we compare them to a dentist. An endodontist also specializes in treatments like endodontic retreatment, emergency dental surgery, tooth extraction surgery, dental implant surgery, endodontic surgery, and much more. To know about the complexity of your tooth situation, the endodontics will ascertain it with the help of x-rays, hot or cold swabs, or by tapping on the teeth. During a root canal treatment (endodontics), the infected or the unwanted tooth pulp is extracted out, and the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Some of the signs of getting a root canal treatment are severe pain while chewing, pimples on the gums, chipped or cracked teeth, swollen or tender gums, deep decay, darkening of the gums, etc. These signs should not be ignored, and one should book an appointment with an endodontist.

Following is the step by step procedure laid by the endodontist during this treatment:

  • Firstly the endodontist will take an x-ray of the infected area to examine the situation. Then he will numb the area with anesthesia and place a protective sheet called a dental dam to isolate and keep it free from saliva.
  • Then the endodontists will open the crown area and will clean the pulp using his small tools. Then it is shaped and cleaned to create the space for the filling.
  • Once the infected pulp is removed and the area is cleaned, the endodontists will fill the area with some biocompatible material. The tooth area is fully sealed by the doctor.
  • The doctor will close it by using a temporary filling on the top. The endodontists will remove the tooth on your next visit once the tooth is restored.
  • You might feel some soreness for a few days after the procedure, which is quite normal. This sensation will fade away after a few days.

So above is the step-by-step procedure of endodontics. For the best root canal treatment in Ernakulum, you can contact ‘Smile Dental’. They will also give you a free consultation, and then you can book your appointment.



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